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Our Blog | Fiberactive Organics

Slimming Down

So, Fiberactive has been slimmed down to the size of its skinny little threads. And we’re loving making a big fat difference in lightening the environmental footprint of the sewing industry around the world.

Fiberactive Is Stepping Out of the Box Again – There’s No Place Like Home

A long time ago when I started Fiberactive Organics, I planned for it to be a virtual company. A small but mighty business where everyone works from home, no commuting, no traffic, no gas emissions and everyone is always there for the kids.

A Confluence of Cultures

Ancient India and the jungles of Vietnam met on the floor of the State Fair Grounds of North Carolina.

The Loom

The Montagnard women I work with didn’t make clothing, they made slings. A sling is the way Montagnards carry their children, on their backs. A child lives in its sling till it is too heavy for the mother to carry. Your sling is your blanket, your coat, and sometimes your clothing. And when you die, you’re buried in it.

If You Don’t Like It, Stop It

If I don’t want to see an oil rig next time I go to the beach, I need to stop creating a demand for oil.

Christmas Is Not a Day

Christmas is twenty four hours long, its square on the calendar is exactly the same size as every other square. No matter how much you write there, it won’t get any bigger.

Alternative Markets Make More Than Money

This is the fourth year that we’ve been part of some wonderful holiday Alternative Markets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Alternative Markets are usually held at churches and they are a way to do your holiday shopping and do a world of good at the same time.

A New Name For Doing Good Business

The Fourth Sector can be generally defined by what it’s not. It’s not government, it’s not non-profit, it doesn’t measure itself by monetary gain. The Fourth Sector is an amalgam of all of us that look beyond profit margins to see what good we can do in the world just by the way we run our companies.

Misconceptions About Bamboo

I recently read yet another article on an Eco Conscious web site touting the virtues of fabric made from bamboo. This article went so far as to be entitled “Why Bamboo Bedding is a credible alternative to Organic Cotton Bedding”. I was dismayed at the innacuracy of the article and downright offended by the headline. Here’s the truth.

Dyeing Cotton the Montagnard Way

The first order of business was to learn how the Montagnards dye miles of yarn without getting it into a huge tangle. Tuat and Jum tried to describe to me a frame that their husbands built for them out of bamboo

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